Monday, May 20, 2013

Latest free mtn unlimited browsing sim activation(browse unlimited with your pc )

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Follow This Simple Steps To Browse With Your Mtn Sim

a lot of people as been disturbing me on
Mtn magic.. Stuff...
That's y I brought
dis simple step out ... on how to do it
Follow This Simple Steps

1. Recharge your mtn sim(use mtn pulsea
line for better result) with nothing less
than #250

2. Send 2H to 131. By so doing you are
subscribing for 2hours internet
browsing on your pc.

3. Insert the sim into your modem then
connect it with your pc and browse with
it within that 2hours you can as well
use it on ur phone... As it pleases you.

4. Remove the sim from the modem and
leave the Sim unused for 24hours or
the Phone.

5. After 24hours+, insert your sim to
your phone or modem; and browse till

#Mtn Sim
#250 Naira
#Your Time..
#Your Brain (no mistake)
Step 1: suscribe to mtn 2 hour plan by sending 2H to 131 (2days)
step2: browse for exactely 30 mins..
Step 3: remove your battery (note the exact time of the battery removal) step
4: after exactely 24 hours, insert your battery back to your phone
step 5: sim h*cked, Enjoy unlimited browsing till infinity
Note:if this did not work with your mtn family and friends then switch to mtn pulse and you see it blazing am stll enjoying mine enjoy yours cause life is free  thats why am giving it free.
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