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how to clear hair from your face

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Choose a cream bleach for facial hair. Cream bleach is appropriate for lightening hairs that are not completely black, just dark. It lasts for up to 2 weeks. Be sure to only choose bleach that is recommended for use on the face; since the skin here is so sensitive, you have to be extra careful to avoid irritation.

Spot-test the cream. Apply a small dab to a sensitive but safe area (such as the skin of your inner wrist) to make sure you don’t react. Leave on for the recommended amount of time (read the box for instructions), wash away thoroughly, and wait at least another 10 or 15 minutes to make sure you don’t itch or turn red.

Wash your face

Apply the bleach to your mustache area. The cream should come with an applicator, but if it doesn’t, use a popsicle stick or put on gloves and use a finger. Be very careful not to get it on your lip itself or near the delicate skin in your nostrils, which can cause your skin to react.

Wait most of the recommended time, then wipe away a small amount to test if it has worked. Use a Q-tip or cotton pad to wipe the cream away (wipe away from your nose/mouth, not toward them) and check to see if the hair is light. If not, wait a little longer.

Ideally, bleaching cream should not be used on the skin for more than 10 minutes because it’s so hard on the skin. If your cream recommends more time than this, test it at the 10-minute mark anyway; if it has worked, remove the rest.

Wipe away the remaining cream. Again, use cotton pads or something similar to wipe up the cream and don’t get it on any sensitive areas.Thoroughly rinse your skin. Rinse more than you think you need to so that no residue will irritate your skin.

Choose a wax that is appropriate for facial hair. Waxing removes hair entirely and can be done at home with a kit purchased from a drug store. You can either get spreadable wax and strips or ready-made strips that already have wax applied (which is the tidier option).Waxing is only possible if the hairs are long enough for the wax to catch on. If you aren’t willing to let your hairs grow long enough to do this, either look for a short-hair wax (some claim to be able to wax as little as 2mm of growth, though their effectiveness varies) or use another option listed here (such as bleaching).

Take a hot shower, steam your face over a bowl, or wash your face in warm water. The warmer your skin, the more open your pores – and the easier the hairs will be to remove.

Heat up the wax if necessary. Most waxes must be warmed up, but wax strips are sometimes the exception. Read the instructions on your box for explicit details.

Spread wax over the mustache area if necessary. Use the applicator that comes with the kit to spread it carefully, avoiding the delicate skin on your lips.

Apply a strip over your mustache area. Start on one side and smooth it firmly over the entire area, avoiding folds and air pockets.Wait the recommended time

Quickly rip the strip off on one motion. It will take the wax and your hair with it, but be forewarned that it will almost certainly hurt the first few times you try it. Don’t rip it off slowly or in several motions; this will make things worse.Thoroughly rinse your skin. Make sure not to leave any residue.

Manually pluck any hairs you missed. If your upper lip is still sore from the waxing, you may want to wait a while before doing this.
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