Friday, August 22, 2014

Nigerian Fans laud Falconets, optimistic of victory against Germany

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Fans told NAN that the team had made remarkable strides in the history of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

They were also optimistic that the team would win the competition for Nigeria’s first-ever title win at any international event in women football.

Coach Mary Benny of State House Football Club said she was delighted with the team’s performance, adding that girls had made the country proud.

“I am so happy with the girls’ performance. They were focused and they knew what they wanted.

“They have made the country proud and I suppose that this is the highest-scoring semi-final ever seen at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup,” Benny said.

A sports journalist Austin Okeke commended the team for its victory, adding that he was hopeful the team would win the competition.

“I am not surprised that they (the players) won, because they have shown great sign of teamwork, discipline and commitment.

“I must commend them for going this far. I just pray that God will crown their efforts by granting them victory in the final match,’’ Okeke said.

Mike Ajayi, a civil servant, said he was amazed by the girls’ style of play. “I really enjoyed the match yesterday (Wednesday). In fact, I have not seen Nigerian female footballers in such high spirits before. I was amazed.

“I give kudos to them and I pray that they would bring the trophy home,” he said.

Johnson Musa, another civil servant, said the team played well, and added that he was optimistic the girls would win the competition.

NAN reports that the Falconets will now take on Germany, 2-1 winners over France in the other semi-final match, in the final match in Montreal on Sunday.

Ebola Virus: NIS urges Health Ministry to send personnel to borders

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Mr Emeka Obua, the Public Relations Officer of the service, made the call in an interview with NAN in Abuja.

“Everything concerning Ebola or any health issue is not the primary responsibility of the Immigration Service.

“The Comptroller General of the service cannot go out of his way and above the supervising Ministry of Interior and the ministry of health to buy equipment to be used at the borders.

“It is only the equipment provided by the ministry of health that officials from NIS and port health services at land borders, air and sea ports can use to check immigrants coming in and out of the country,” he said.

Obua, who expressed concern over the way Nigerians were treated in foreign countries because of spread of the disease to Nigeria, said the virus had become a world phenomenon.

He explained that the primary duty of the service was to ensure that all immigrants coming in and out of the country had valid travel documents.

“The responsibility of the ministry of health cannot be placed on NIS because its duty is to protect the borders.

“We also know where the disease is coming from; it is a West African thing and it came through the tropics not through the Savannah or Sahara,” said the spokesman.

Obua said that due to shortage of personnel to man the borders, the service was making a proposal to the Federal Government to recruit more personnel.

“For the next three to four years, government needs to employ 5,000 women and men every year, due to the expansive size of Nigeria’s border, there is inadequate manpower to effectively police the borders.

“Over 1,000 officers of the service have been specially trained and deployed to man the borders and this trend needs to continue for the next five years if we are to effectively protect the borders,” he said

NAN learnt that people still move in and out of the country through the Seme border without being properly checked by the NIS and port health service personnel.

Investigation reveals that there are no emergency facilities at the border to handle Ebola virus screening by the port health services.

Make Free High Quality International Phone Call To Nigeria & Other Countries

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Good luck Ebele Jonathan(nigerian president):I will implement National Conference report

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Jonathan said at the ceremony to mark the submission of the National Conference Report in Abuja that government’s executive arm would immediately act on those aspects required of it.

He also said the other aspects of the recommendations would be sent to the Council of State and the National Assembly for incorporation into the country’s Constitution.

“We shall send the relevant aspects of your recommendations to the Council of State and the National Assembly for incorporation into the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“On our part, we shall act on those aspects required of us in the executive. Let me reaffirm this: Nobody has a monopoly of knowledge.

“We who are in government need to feed from the thoughts of those who elected us into power. You have done your patriotic duty. We the elected must now do ours.

“As I receive the report of your painstaking deliberations, let me assure that your work is not going to be a waste of time and resources.

“We shall do all we can to ensure the implementation of your recommendations, which have come out of consensus and not by divisions.

“In this regard, I appeal to all arms of government and the people of Nigeria to be ready to play the different roles the volumes of reports produced would assign to them.

“It is my hope that with what the delegates have done, our country is on the right road to getting the job of nation-building done,” Jonathan said.

He expressed satisfaction at the successful completion of the task given to the conference, adding that, cynics and pessimists have been proven wrong and vindicated his stance on the convocation of the conference.

He commended the conference leadership and delegates for the matured manner in which they managed contentious issues which were capable of truncating the conference.

“I am very satisfied that the delegates navigated these obstacles in a very mature manner. There were those who set out to input ulterior motives to our modest efforts at reshaping and strengthening the foundations of our nationhood to deliver better political cohesion and greater development agenda.

“The naysayers raised false alarms over some phantom hidden agenda and called to question our sincerity and did everything possible to derail this noble project. The success of this conference has proved the cynics wrong in many respects.

“Those who dismissed the entire conference ab initio as a `diversion’ have been proved wrong, as what you achieved has, contrary to their forecast, diverted our country only from the wrong road to the right direction.

“They said the conference would end in a deadlock as Nigeria had reached a point where the constituent parts could no longer agree on any issue.

“We exploded that myth by suggesting that you should arrive at your decisions by consensus or 75 per cent majority threshold.

“That was the first challenge you had at this conference when it appeared you were going to break up,” Jonathan said.

The President said he refused to interfere in the decisions of the conference even when he was expected to, just to prove and maintain his neutrality.

He said he gave the conference the free hand to operate and did not interfere at any point in its five-month deliberations.

“There were suggestions that we should intervene as government to save the conference at that dicey moment. But I insisted that, beyond the inauguration, we were not going to intrude into the conference in any manner. We kept our promise.

“One of the many reasons for our non-interference is because we have at the conference 492 delegates and six conference officials who all in their individual rights are qualified to lead our great country.

“And if they were unable to agree on how to take decisions, we will be in real trouble. Acknowledging the quality and patriotic content of the delegates, I was confident, the right thing will be done.”

He thanked delegates for the painstaking efforts they put into the national assignment and for putting the national interest above any other interests.

Jonathan said the essence of convoking the conference was fully achieved as delegates were able to ventilate their grievances and came to amicable consensus at the end of the day.

“To my mind, one of the main reasons for which the conference was convoked was fully achieved. That is, to create a platform for a genuine and sincere dialogue among Nigerians.

“Even in moments when things seemed ready to boil over, it was evident that the delegates were only disagreeing to agree.

“It is now very clear that as Nigerians, we have devised a way of addressing and resolving our differences amicably: we dialogue and dialogue until we agree!”

The President commended the Femi Okunrounmu Presidential Advisory Committee which midwived the conference. He also paid tribute to delegates who died in the course of the national assignment.

Jonathan was accompanied to the ceremony by Vice-President Namadi Sambo and Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloma Mukhtar, and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Breaking news:Abducted Chibok Girls Will Rescue Nigeria

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Psalm 10: (NET Bible) 8 He waits in ambush near the villages; in hidden places he kills the innocent. His eyes look for some unfortunate victim. 9 He lies in ambush in a hidden place, like a lion in a thicket; he lies in ambush, waiting to catch the oppressed; he catches the oppressed by pulling in his net. 10 His victims are crushed and beaten down; they are trapped in his sturdy nets. 11 He says to himself, “God overlooks it; he does not pay attention; he never notices.” 12 Rise up, Lord! O God, strike him down! Do not forget the oppressed! 13 Why does the wicked man reject God? He says to himself, “You will not hold me accountable.” 14 You have taken notice, for you always see one who inflicts pain and suffering. The unfortunate victim entrusts his cause to you; you deliver the fatherless. 15 Break the arm of the wicked and evil man! Hold him accountable for his wicked deeds, which he thought you would not discover. 16 The Lord rules forever! The nations are driven out of his land. 17 Lord, you have heard the request of the oppressed; you make them feel secure because you listen to their prayer. 18 You defend the fatherless and oppressed, so that mere mortals may no longer terrorize them.
The Lord has heard the prayers of the oppressed. He has heard the prayers of those we were forced to abandon. He has heard the prayers of those our toxic bloated government failed to secure, failed to rescue and denied us the right to bear arms to go and help. The Lord will deliver them and deliver us from the clutches of oppression. Their prayers, by the gravity of their oppression shall be the weapon that shall deliver not only them, but all of us Nigerians living under bondage. In the past, oppressed Nigerians prayed and the Lord seized the soul of our tyrant ruler. Today our hearts are impure, but not the hearts of our deserted Angels in Sambisa. Our daughters; your prayers will bring a radical miracle in this land. Your prayers will bring freedom! Your prayers will bring deliverance. Amen!

The Prophet of Islam said: "Fear the prayer of the oppressed, even if he is a disbeliever, for there is no barrier (between it and Allah [the God])." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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